2018 international, in a nutshell

It has been a busy year, and as my new coach points out, I compete a lot.  I finished off 2017 in Australia in October as a visitor to the Open section of the Australian, Oceanic and Pacific Rim Masters at the Gold Coast.  Loved the weather, and the medal did not hurt either!

From the Europeans in Hungary (bronze medal)  to the Worlds in Barcelona (4th place, and then to the inaugural Asian Pacific Master games in Penang, Malaysia ( gold medal!), it has been a busy time.    Also won Best Female Master in my region of Belgium this year, and am set to compete this month in the Belgian Masters for the last year of this current age and weight group setting.

Photos below.  After the Belgian Masters, a well deserved rest and we set what next year brings, both in terms of a new age category and new weight classes.  Never a dull moment in lifting!

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Belgian Masters 2017 – Waregem

Saturday 2 July 2017 was the Belgian Masters, along with the International Masters and Ladies Open in Waregem.   Got six goods lifts, my Belgian Masters title and a good ranking in the overall event.

Onward to Halmstad, Sweden, and the European Masters in August!

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First interclub – Rochefort, Belgium – 4 Feb 2017

Got all my lifts and a decent total.   Saving the big stuff for next month at the Arnold in Ohio.   Meanwhile, lifted, refereed and went home to grade exams.  🙁



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2016 – Japan, Tenerife, and on to Germany….

In April, I did the ultimate in roadtrips to lift in the World Cup Masters in Tokyo.    I had a good time, did some international refereeing and won the silver in my group.

In June, right after moving house and with my husband recovering from a small stroke, I still went to Tenerife for everyone’s favorite competition, the Eleiko Women’s Grand Prix (ladies only, from all parts of the globe).  Warm, but did well again with 5 of 6.

In July, did the Waregem International Masters and Ladies Open, with an excellent 6 for 6 and a new post-op PB in the total. Still have to offload some of those photos (note to self!)

Some of the photos are below.     In the Fall, I have the Belgian Masters and the World Masters.    And then we decide if we are going to go for the World Master Games 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand….

IMG_1116 IMG_1121 IMG_1122 13445324_517759485083247_8357795146228066994_n 13451001_517759765083219_8737238740365348202_n 13495259_517759695083226_8089885300761224581_n



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Belgian 2016 Interclub series

Back to form, did my first one in early February, missed the second one due to work commitments, and today (2 April) did the third one with my best total since the surgery.

Leave next week for Japan for the Masters Cup.   Ready?  Bring it on….!

12670137_1550384231919610_280329337821092665_n  12647364_1550384691919564_6745873810939906177_n

Alea referee IMG_1086 IMG_1092 IMG_1095


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A little lie-down… 22 Nov – Bench press single



Did one more bench press competition in November, got a little better at it.  Now on two months of what my coach kindly calls “active rest”, looking forward to the new year.

Happy Holidays!

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One more, just to be sure… ;-) Belgian Senior Championships 2015, Seraing (Liege)

I made it back to fitness for the European Master Games, as I wanted.  But then, I said, what the heck, let’s do the national seniors as I am already fit and can see all my national colleagues.  It was for fun, so why not?  So I lifted, got five for six [missed one was a bit of a dare from Tom VT 🙂 ] and got another senior title at the tender age of 51.    [Note: Yes, Yasmine is my weight but not my age group and she is progressing well as a cadet. But by the time we would meet to directly compete, I will be in a Zimmer frame. :-0 ]results women belgian

So now my coach Tino has me on two months “active rest” where I keep the power up and take it a lot easier.  He is very happy with what I achieved after surgery, and so am I.

Looking forward to some fun comps next year in Japan and Tenarife!

IMG_1069 IMG_1075 IMG_1076  IMG_1079 IMG_1080 IMG_1081

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After five months, a happy outcome – European Master Games 2015, Nice, France

On 23 April, I had major surgery with a total hysterectomy.  And on 3 October, after five months of rehab and recovery, I did what I love and lifted again in international competition.  Got all six lifts with all white lights, a silver medal, and achieved my world qualifying total for next year.  Very happy outcome, with serious thanks to my rehab team and ironically enough, my Italian competitor and her coach who both played a part in my success this weekend in helping coaching me.  Masters weightlifting is about everyone doing their best and having fun, and that is why I love it.  Met some lovely folks as well, and had a great time, shame about the extreme rainy weather…. which was over by Sunday as you see in the last photo……..

CQZ7VbTWUAAmSio IMG_1045  IMG_1048IMG_1049 IMG_1051 IMG_1050IMG_1055 IMG_1059 IMG_1060 IMG_1063 IMG_1065



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Lying down on the job: Alea takes up bench press

To support my teammate Wolf, I signed in for the Open VGPF single bench press championship on 27 Sept for the fun of it – and won my category.  Go figure, lying down on the job comes in handy!





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European Masters 2015 – Bangor, Wales

If you read the previous post at the end of March, you may see a comment that I did not feel so good.  Here is a brief summary of the story from there:

With some intestinal challenges and what I felt was a yeast infection, I went twice to the doctors in two weeks in early April before Easter to see what was going on.  After the second visit, I was sent to the radiologist to scan my intestine to see what was happening.  What was happening turned out to be an 8+ cm, 600 gram fibroid in my uterus, sitting on my intestines.  Needless to say that required surgery for removal in the form of a total abdominal hysterectomy on 23 April. Or in the terminology of those of us who deal with this health issue as now I am one, I had a TAH-BSO, which was cancer-free.  I also had a mammogram which was also clear and good.  And I lost 4.5 kg from surgery, which put me back in the right weight class.  😉

So I missed the all womens in May in Austria that I had registered for, and was faced with missing the European Masters as well.  Fortunately, last October I had passed my exams for my IWF Cat 2 international referee license.  So being cleared by the surgeon to fly after six weeks postop,  we went to Bangor to referee and not to lift.

I am glad I went for several reasons.  The most important reason for me at this time is that these are ‘my people’.   They get it when I discussing rehab and coming back, they support and appropriately caution me on recovery from experience, and I got a lot of encouragement, empathy and love, which was really needed about now.  Hard to explain in any other way than these are my friends, even if I only see them once or twice a year, and they come from the same mindset I do.   Thanks!!  Lots of appreciation to my friends from Ireland, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Cyprus, England, Wales, Scotland, France and especially Denmark as we were at the same hotel again as we were in Azerbaijan!  If you see the photo below with the screen behind me, the tall lady to the left of me in red and black is Dorthe, a lovely long time friend from Denmark and she won gold.  I had to get the gold medal on her on the first level of the rostrum, which gave us all a humorous moment as we both adapted to reach each other. She joked later she thought she was going to have to hug me and pull me up so I could put the medal on her.

So instead of lifting photos, you get referee photos in my cute monkey suit.  Starting recovery which is a slow process, but hope to be back to fitness in the early Fall. 🙂

IMG_0977  IMG_0980 IMG_0984 IMG_0986 IMG_0988IMG_0975


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